Client Brief
For this project, my client Tito was looking for a minimalistic logo rebrand as well as a complete identity overhaul for his Twitch channel.
After some discussion we decided that a road motif would be best to represent his channel as it fits in line with his "Keep Moving Forward" motto - this, accompanied by his signature green arrows would form the basis of his new livestream identity.

. Logo
. Stream transition
. Animated "Starting Soon" screen
. Animated "BRB" screen
. Animated "Thanks for Watching" screen
Brand Guidelines
For the logo my client wanted a modern rebrand that was sleek, could be adapted to numerous formats and incorporated an arrow to represent his motto of "Keep Moving Forward". Above are the brand guidelines, logos and assets I created for him after much development, keeping it very minimalistic so it could be seamlessly adapted to his other deliverables.
Stream Transition
For Tito's stream transition I wanted to incorporate his arrow motif in a fluid and energetic motion, while animating his logo in a way that felt natural for the form of the logotype - all while maintaining his minimal and sleek aesthetic.
Animated "Starting Soon" Screen
My client and I settled on a cityscape road theme for his animated screens as they could not only provide dynamic and engaging visuals to users while they watch the screen when waiting, but also because it worked well with his motto.
Animated "Be Right Back" Screen
Using the cityscape road theme allowed for each screen to have slight variation in colour and tone but still remain consistent throughout - having each screen at a different time of day creates an interesting and engaging narrative that most stream assets simply do not have.
Animated "Thanks For Watching" Screen
As with all the other screens, this screen loops seamlessly, never breaking immersion with the animation. Everything was fully illustrated by myself in Adobe Illustrator, with the animation being done in Adobe After Effects.
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