RSA 2020 Brief
"How might we encourage people and communities to think and act for the long term?" 
Rootine: the all-in-1 tracking app to help you make better long-term decisions through gamification so you and your community can have a more sustainable future.
There is a lack of sustainability in most of our everyday actions; if we don’t collectively make a change and turn towards long-term thinking then the state of the Earth will only worsen, impacting younger generations the worst as they are left to fix the mistakes of those before them.
Rootine functions as a central hub
for all long-term and sustainable
decision making. By completing
tasks, actively tracking your
personal sustainability habits
and progressing through the app
you slowly form better habits
that not only help you live more
sustainably but also help the Earth
and the community around you.
My journey began when researching the Māori people of New Zealand, their approach to community and environmental respect made me research further into the theme of community and ways in which we can collectively make a positive impact on the environment. One of the main insights for the project was gamification as it was a prime factor in engaging users long-term and getting them to work together in an enjoyable and entertaining manner.
When it came to getting people invested and engaged long-term, gamification was the most key aspect. I researched the core human drives that could be fulfilled through gamification such as accomplishment and meaning and make sure to tailor my app towards these. I also looked into specific cases such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons that was structured around its users coming back to play the game on a daily basis for the long term and used elements from it such as daily streaks to incentivize long-term use.
When researching the ways in which long-term thinking has been integrated into projects such as the Future Library and Longplayer, I then looked into topics such as climate change and renewable energy and realized just how poor many of our day to day habits are in terms of sustainability. After conducting an experiment based on personal habits I realized that one of the most important factors in making a long-term change was consciousness. You need to make a conscious active effort to make positive change to form better habits or you will inevitably fall back into unsustainable practices.
This area of my project started when researching the Māori people and environmental protectionism. Looking at how deeply they cared for and respected the land they lived on lead me to look into religion as they shared similar attributes such as spirituality and a deep connection to a higher being. At this stage I received feedback and was given the idea to “modernize religion” - by taking its core aspects of community and shared belief I created a concept that recontextualized these attributes in a modern-day setting.
A lot of my research revolved around the environment and topics surrounding it such as climate change and carbon footprints as they were some of the main things impacted by a lack of long-term thinking and poor habits. It was key to get a proper understanding of the causes of environmental issues to help target their improvement in a manageable and feasible manner. People want to improve their bad habits and people need more long-term thinking for a more sustainable environment so I developed a system that combined the two.
Now you may be wondering how all this is tracked...
Introducing, the sustainability score:
This is score is generated when you first sign up and is based on a series of sustainability-centric questions. Your score can rise or fall as you use the app depending on how sustainable your actions are and how much you consider long-term thinking.
Future development
This app could only be conceptualized due to the limited timeframe of the project, but in the future I have plans to fully complete each possible screen in the app and bring it into Adobe XD to begin to realize it as a fully functioning application as I truly believe this app has the ability to improve long-term thinking in our modern day culture.
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