Client Brief
For this project my client requested a full identity for their local Smash Ultimate tournament based on the in-game stage Kongo Falls.
I created a retro logo that incorporated elements from the in-game stage to give the event a unique aesthetic. The additional elements followed suit, utilizing the waterfall theme to create a dynamic tournament showcase.

. Logo
. Stream transition
. Gameplay overlay
. Commentator overlay
. Social media headers
. Twitch panels

Music - Kongo Jungle [64] - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Soundtrack, official copyright of Nintendo®

Kongo Falls Promo Video
All of the tournament assets are showcased in the video above as seeing them in motion much better reflects the dynamic nature of the event and its aesthetics. Everything reflects the Kongo Falls stage to create a cohesive and original tournament ident to be used for all future Kongo Falls Smash weekly and monthly events.
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