Major Project Topic:
Hip-hop, looking specifically at hip-hop subgenres to highlight the diversity and nuance within the culture.
Expressing different hip-hop subgenres through dynamic kinetic typography; educating both active fans and and more casual listeners on the subsets within the genre, showcasing the similarities and differences between the sounds and aesthetics to enhance ones cultural capital.
Full Motion Graphic:
Why these artists/subgenres?
As there are over 50 subgenres, more when counting fusion and derived genres, I decided to pick 4 subgenres that all have distinct sounds from each other and would be appropriate for a widespread audience.
These genres had to also be picked while thinking of the specific artist that will represent each subgenre; I wanted to try and include a diverse mix of individuals that fit within the criteria, making sure there is no overlap in subgenres.
Spotify Canvas Application:
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