Hey, the name's aura!

I just graduated my 3 year Bachelors in Graphic Design at the University of Portsmouth, all with First Class Honours!
I'm a passionate individual with great attention to detail and a desire to create everything to the best of my ability. If you couldn't tell from looking through my website, I'm also a huge fan of gaming and pop culture - it has a massive influence on my style and I love creating work around it!
I specialize in motion design as I feel it allows me to be the most expressive and dynamic with my work; it feels like the possibilities are endless when incorporating movement into design! I even achieved an Adobe Certified Associate award for my motion skills in Adobe After Effects.
When I'm not designing you can catch me livestreaming videogames on Twitch or reading manga at home!
My personal design philosophy is to make work that is not only functional, but creatively engaging to the point where absolutely anybody can appreciate the work created.

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